What Would Awesome You Do?



What would awesome you do? It may seem like a trivial question but I’m finding that, when I ask it, it has been shifting the choices I make in that moment. We all know that our life is made up of the things we do and the choices we make on a regular basis. Even still, it is sometimes hard to maintain the discipline of doing the things we’d like to do.

That’s where Nicole Dean comes in. She has created the Awesomization Nation, a 30-day challenge that starts April 1 to help peopleawesome like you and me tap into the energy of awesome. For the next 30 days, people who have joined the challenge will get tips of things to do to make their lives and businesses even more awesome than they already are.

Nicole allowed me to ask three questions of my choosing about the challenge. Here’s what we came up with:

What is Awesomization Nation?

Hi Shayla and thank for letting me share my excitement with your readers. The Awesomization Nation is an idea that I had one night while I was thinking about all of the people out there who are letting life happen to them, rather than being aware and awake to the daily potential that is out there to grab.


I decided to open a group of people who would all be willing to do three extra awesome things each day for the month of April. I’ll provide ideas, but the main goal will be to do awesome things in our businesses, our lives, and in the world to make the world a better place.


Are we battling for sainthood? No. This is just about being conscientious about doing tiny things every day to move ourselves towards our goals.


For instance, if writing a book is your goal, then take the first day to create the title and the outline, and then work on writing 500 minimum words per day towards achieving that goal. If you write for the next 29 days, you’ll have 14,500 words minimum. But odds are that you’ll write more than 500 every day. The hard part is sitting down and getting started. That’s where the Awesomization part comes in. The idea is to think of what the Awesome version of you would do – and DO it.


What are some of the most profound transformations you’ve seen from participants?

Well, considering we haven’t even started yet, it’s funny that I can actually answer this question. We’ve got people who are taking steps towards their goals that they’ve been putting off for years.


One gal is going back to the gym, because that’s what the Awesome version of her would do.
Another has outlined her book that she’s wanted to write for ages.


We’ve got people connecting for interviews like crazy in there. I personally am doing 5 podcast interviews this week, and I see others connecting, too.


I’m also impressed to see people taking action to be more involved in organizations that are meaningful to them. They had it in their hearts that they would do it “someday” but their awesome selves had the invitation to do it NOW – and they did.


Why is this different from other time sucks?

This is different from other time sucks because you’re making a commitment to yourself to work towards something that’s important to you. And when you get to the day when you “don’t wanna do it”, then you’ll have the inspiration of seeing others who ARE doing it despite harder obstacles than you have. Personally, I’m doing this challenge also for me. I struggle with depression and I love having positive, warm, hard-working, smart people around me, too. So, I’ve created the perfect storm for all of us to have unprecedented successes in our lives.


So, are YOU ready to be more awesome?!

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Join me, Nicole, and hundreds of others in the Awesomization Nation 30-day Challenge TODAY