Just Doing It


I have a secret. I’m afraid people will come to my website.

I have a great deal of website shame. My content is not all that I feel like it should be so I blog on a different site (http://shaylalogan.wordpress.com/). People LOVE my blog! My website? … not so much.

SO I decided to sign up for the Spiritual Badass 30 Day Blog Challenge AND I plan to post the blogs on this site.

Why? Well, first because it will motivate me to get my site in order. Second, I’d rather have all of my stuff in one place so it is easier for both me and my clients. And third, because sometimes the easiest way to get past your angst is to just move, even if it is in tiny steps.

Being a Professional Fear Buster means that I get to experience all kinds of fear and then bust through it. Each time I do so, I grow and I’m able to help my clients grow even more too. Win-win!

So, today, my plan is to be like Nike and Just Do It. Welcome to Day 1 🙂



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Here I Am…Again


So, I haven’t written a word in this blog for almost nine months and people keep signing up anyway. I have lots of new and exciting things going on and I *should* be telling the world about them.

2012 kicked my ass. No sense in trying to make it seem nicer than it was. It was also a period of great growth and deepening clarity. I now know where I’m going and have some ideas of how to get there, whereas before all I knew how to do was say “Yes” to life. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of yes going on – because life seems to flow a lot better when you’re willing to actually engage – but I’m also living with intention, instead of on auto-pilot, like so many of us do.

I’ve been challenged to put myself out there more. I seem to be a fan of being a superstar behind the scenes and it is time for me to step into the light. I’ve done several things recently to get myself out there more: I’m now an “expert” on self-growth.com, I am an article writer for the women’s empowerment site “It’s All About Women”, and I’m one of 100 messengers in Robert Evans messenger project (you’ll here more about that one later). I’ve also decided to take on a challenge given by a friend who believes that exposure comes with consistency. So, I’m planning to write 30 blog posts in 30 days. Who knows what will come out of it but it will get me more disciplined and anything that spurs my creativity has got to be a good thing. Consider this day 1.