Shayla is a dynamic and engaging speaker who will make you laugh, warm your heart, and transform your life!

In five years time, Shayla went from homeless and hopeless to making over 100K, helping some of the largest corporations in the world improve their software quality and business processes. After 20 years as a consultant and corporate trainer, Shayla woke up to realize that she was meant to do something bigger with her life. She became a certified Passion Test facilitator, got internationally recognized and honored with the title of Love Ambassador, and made the transition from corporate trainer to public speaker. She’s here to help YOU live a better life by sharing her wisdom, joy, and practical tools for living a life out loud.

Popular Talk Topics


Homeless to 100K: The Art of Overcoming Obstacles

Hear about Shayla’s journey from being homeless and hopeless to being a well-paid consultant to major corporations around the world. In this heartwarming and powerful talk, you can learn tips for turning any hardship in your life into a springboard for success.[/squeeze_box]


Loving Yourself Back to Life: Why Beating Yourself Up Keeps You Stuck

We all tend to beat ourselves up. Almost everyone has an inner mean girl (or boy) that is brutal in its delivery of suggestions for improvement. Ironically, beating yourself up almost always leads to a continuation of the less-than-desired behavior! Learn how shifting your inner talk can turn the tides and help you make long lasting changes in your life.[/squeeze_box]


Befriending the Boogeyman: Learning to Use Fear to Your Advantage

Learn secrets about how fear really operates, ways to keep it from stopping you in your tracks, and how utilizing the secrets can help you reach your goals more quickly and with greater ease.[/squeeze_box]


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