Manifesting Greater Love

On this episode of This Stuff’s Working! Radio, we’re going to be talking about manifesting greater love in your life. Our guest will be Love Ambassador Shayla Logan, author, motivational speaker and coach behind Life Out Loud.

Love is the most powerful energy there is. You can embody love to create so much more in your life. We’re going to explore why self-love is important and how it ties into … Continue reading

From Me to We

What if there were no such thing as competition? What would be possible in your relationships and business?! The possibilities truly are endless, only limited by your imagination. I know, I know, but there IS competition in your life right? We see it in celebrity and business magazines every day; “look like me in 4 weeks” or “how to crush the competition”. Well it really depends on your perspective. The … Continue reading

When Life Knocks You Down…


It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and feel like it’s going to last forever. It’s even easier to not be able to see any possibility for your future if your current situation looks bleak.

I’m going to be very honest (ie vulnerable) and tell you that my life has been on a horrific downward spiral in the past few months.

I lost my mother, I lost my … Continue reading

You Don’t Need It!


Christine King died 22 days ago.

Chances are pretty high that you didn’t know her. She never wrote a book, gave a webinar, had a Facebook fan page, or went on a speaking tour. She was, however, a woman who followed her passion and impacted the world as a result. 

Six credits away from graduating with her Master’s degree, Chrsitine made a decision to follow her passion and … Continue reading

Living in the Miracle


I personally believe that miracles occur on a regular basis. It is simply a matter of being able to adjust your vision so that you can see them. We usually focus with ease on what’s wrong in the world and, sometimes, we stay so focused on those things that we miss the smaller miracles that occur all around us. Other times, the miracle is so obvious that even the negative … Continue reading

Dirty, sticky, safety


I talk a lot about all of the horror of my childhood. It feels like something I’m supposed to do. My story and the fact that I’m not only alive but thriving, gives evidence to others that anything is possible. Today, however, I feel the need to honor the duality that is life because nothing is ever black and white. There is darkness within the joys in our life and … Continue reading

Loving Boston


This post will anger some people. They will tell me to go back to my New Age love-nest and burn incense while singing Kum-bay-ah. They will say this because:

1. They know absolutely nothing at all about who I am

2. We have created a culture where love and compassion is viewed as weakness so the very act of me proposing something such as that is threatening to them.

I’d … Continue reading

Walking the Tightrope


I had a couple of overnight guests Sunday night. We had all just attended the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH) annual conference. We got up yesterday morning, made breakfast and coffee and, still in our PJs with tousled hair, began a conversation about a topic I’m sure was common for lots of people who had just spent four days at a humor conference…death.

We talked about … Continue reading

The Other Side of Fear


“Who do you think you are? Why would they want to listen to you? What if you screw it all up? What if they don’t like you?” These are the voices of my “committee” every time I’m about to speak in front of a group. I’ve been speaking and/or delivering workshops since 1998 and the committee has never failed to chime in. Luckily, I know my pattern. I will step … Continue reading

Ode to my fertilizer


Yesterday, my partner described me as spunky and said maybe I shouldn’t be writing in that state. I think it may have carried over to today and, obviously, I didn’t listen so…Warning: this post is raw and gets graphic in spots. Read at your own risk.

This is an ode to all the “fertilizer” that helped me bloom:

I went through 23 different homes before I turned 18. As a … Continue reading