What Would Awesome You Do?



What would awesome you do? It may seem like a trivial question but I’m finding that, when I ask it, it has been shifting the choices I make in that moment. We all know that our life is made up of the things we do and the choices we make on a regular basis. Even still, it is sometimes hard to maintain the discipline of doing the things we’d like to do.

That’s where Nicole Dean comes in. She has created the Awesomization Nation, a 30-day challenge that starts April 1 to help peopleawesome like you and me tap into the energy of awesome. For the next 30 days, people who have joined the challenge will get tips of things to do to make their lives and businesses even more awesome than they already are.

Nicole allowed me to ask three questions of my choosing about the challenge. Here’s what we came up with:

What is Awesomization Nation?

Hi Shayla and thank for letting me share my excitement with your readers. The Awesomization Nation is an idea that I had one night while I was thinking about all of the people out there who are letting life happen to them, rather than being aware and awake to the daily potential that is out there to grab.


I decided to open a group of people who would all be willing to do three extra awesome things each day for the month of April. I’ll provide ideas, but the main goal will be to do awesome things in our businesses, our lives, and in the world to make the world a better place.


Are we battling for sainthood? No. This is just about being conscientious about doing tiny things every day to move ourselves towards our goals.


For instance, if writing a book is your goal, then take the first day to create the title and the outline, and then work on writing 500 minimum words per day towards achieving that goal. If you write for the next 29 days, you’ll have 14,500 words minimum. But odds are that you’ll write more than 500 every day. The hard part is sitting down and getting started. That’s where the Awesomization part comes in. The idea is to think of what the Awesome version of you would do – and DO it.


What are some of the most profound transformations you’ve seen from participants?

Well, considering we haven’t even started yet, it’s funny that I can actually answer this question. We’ve got people who are taking steps towards their goals that they’ve been putting off for years.


One gal is going back to the gym, because that’s what the Awesome version of her would do.
Another has outlined her book that she’s wanted to write for ages.


We’ve got people connecting for interviews like crazy in there. I personally am doing 5 podcast interviews this week, and I see others connecting, too.


I’m also impressed to see people taking action to be more involved in organizations that are meaningful to them. They had it in their hearts that they would do it “someday” but their awesome selves had the invitation to do it NOW – and they did.


Why is this different from other time sucks?

This is different from other time sucks because you’re making a commitment to yourself to work towards something that’s important to you. And when you get to the day when you “don’t wanna do it”, then you’ll have the inspiration of seeing others who ARE doing it despite harder obstacles than you have. Personally, I’m doing this challenge also for me. I struggle with depression and I love having positive, warm, hard-working, smart people around me, too. So, I’ve created the perfect storm for all of us to have unprecedented successes in our lives.


So, are YOU ready to be more awesome?!

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Join me, Nicole, and hundreds of others in the Awesomization Nation 30-day Challenge TODAY

Deconstructing “I’m Not Enough”


I’ve never yet met a person who didn’t suffer from some form of insecurity. We all feel – because we’re all taught (but that’s a different blog post) – like we are inadequate or not good enough in some way. The list of things that could make you “not good enough” is endless. You’re too tall/short, thin/fat, dark/light, rich/poor, genius/average, or creative/logical, your credit score it too low or too high, you don’t drive the right car, wear the right shoes, or know the right people.

There’s never a shortage of ways to make you feel crappy about yourself and there’s also an endless supply of people who will gladly point out your inadequacy because they feel so badly about themselves that the only way they know how to bring themselves up is by putting someone else down.

What’s weird about your feeling of being not enough is that, you’re right. You’re NOT enough! Let me explain…

The moment your soul entered into a human body, you became not enough. Why? Because there is a deeper part of you that will always know that you are so much bigger than you could ever be in human form. You will always feel a sense of internal struggle as a result. The further you stray from your recognition as a spiritual being with limitless power, the more you will feel this sense of not enough-ness. That’s why spirituality helps you shake off the angst of the man-made version of your inadequacy. When I say spirituality, I’m not speaking of religion that tells you that you’re broken in some way without a Savior that’s outside of you, nor am I speaking of “I’m so spiritual I need to announce it every ten minutes” posing. I’m talking about the type of connection with your version of Higher Power that allows you to sense and know the greatness that’s both within and around you. Tapping into this will allow you to much more easily navigate the man-made version of inadequacy.

On the flip side, the part of you that feels like you can’t be your authentic self without living in complete isolation is simply afraid (and also wrong). You ARE enough. Why? Because you are the only YOU that has ever existed and that ever will. No matter what you’re measuring against, there will always be someone who is in a different part of the spectrum than you are. If you’re short, for example, there will always be someone taller and there will always be someone shorter. Comparing yourself is a completely subjective and almost always illegitimate method of measuring your worth because the data is always skewed in favor of which interpretation you’re trying to find evidence of. The only thing that nobody can ever compete with you on, not even your “identical” twin, is your YOU-ness. There is only one of you.

Ironically, while you’re busy sitting around saying “who am I to…”, the world is wishing and wanting for someone exactly like you to appear. There is a gift inside you that nobody else has, there’s a message within you that nobody else can deliver in the same way you would say it and there are people who can’t hear that message or accept that gift if it is delivered in any other way.

People around you want you to be just like them because that’s within their comfort zone. It doesn’t force them to look beyond themselves or to acknowledge that they aren’t being real either. It’s only through you having the courage to be YOU in all your splendor and all your oddity, that the world around you gets to see that it’s possible and start the shift for themselves.

It sounds simplistic but, at the end of the day, you own your life. You get to choose what to do with it. Will you continue to feed at the trough of inadequacy or will you unleash your sparkle?

Leave me a comment and tell me your choice 😉


Photo credit: wolfgangfoto / Foter / CC BY-ND

4 Words that Just Might Change Your Life


You never know that a moment is coming that will change you forever. For me, it started simply enough – my wife and I were out running errands one weekend and we became hungry and decided to stop for an early dinner. After trying unsuccessfully to find a place we’d like that didn’t have a line a mile long, our “hungry” had morphed into “starving” and choice no longer mattered. We gave in and just went into the next restaurant we saw. “Come on”, she said, “I’ll buy you dinner.”

It turned out there was a reason for the lack of a line at the place we chose. Service was lukewarm and, to put it nicely, the food was horrid. Our comments to each other were things like, “How can you fu*k up beans? You take them out of a can and heat them up. How could that possibly go awry?!”

After just a couple bites, my wife pushed her plate aside. I, on the other hand, kept eating.

She watched me for awhile. I was hunched over my plate like it was a special meal in prison and I had to guard against someone taking it away from me. With compassion and understanding in her eyes, she quietly said, “You don’t have to eat that”. Without a thought and barely even taking a breath, I replied, “But it’s my dinner” and kept shoveling it in as quickly as I could. I hated every bite but had been conditioned that I had to eat it, no matter what.

Let’s be honest, despite me being brilliant at busting fear, if you see me, it is glaringly apparent that food and I have an unusual relationship. I am what doctors would classify as morbidly obese and although I truly love vegetables and lean meats, I also have a mad love affair with sugar and fried foods. In all honesty, I have a tragic, painful relationship with food that I have never disclosed, except to those in my inner circle – until today.

My mother was mentally ill. She never had a clinical diagnosis but if you knew her, you would readily agree that the synapses within her brain fired in a much different pattern that the average person. I was adopted by her and my father when I was four and a half.

By age 5, it was clear that if she put something in front of me, I had to eat it – no questions asked. If I didn’t, I would not only be punished but the same meal would be waiting for me the next time I sat down at the table, and the next, and the next, and the next, until I finally gave in and ate it. Our first instance of this lesson resulted in me going without ANY food for three whole days, in addition to being spanked and berated after every failed meal, because I refused to eat a plate of chitlins (chitterlings, aka cow intestines, for you more proper folk). I quickly learned that, if it is put in front of me, I must eat it – no matter what.

Many of us were raised with the “starving kids in Africa” paradigm so I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels compelled to clean their plate, whether it’s what your body or mind really wants or not but I then had another issue laid on top of that one.

When I was ten, I started to develop breasts. My mother decided I was fat. My father had passed away two years earlier so there was no longer anyone around to rein her in. She concluded the only way to keep me from being fat was to restrict my eating…so she did. I was allowed to alternate one egg for breakfast one day and a bowl of cereal (with powdered milk that went rancid long before I finished it) the next. That was my food for the day.

I started to love going to school, despite my social anxiety and difficulties there, because it meant I could move slowly enough at the end of our lunch period to sneak into the trash cans and gorge myself on the unfinished lunches of the other children. For two long years, school lunchroom trash cans became my primary source of food. When I was finally removed from my home at age twelve, I weighed a mere 50 pounds – the weight of the average healthy 7 year old. You could see every bone in my body, I passed out frequently from simple activities such as trying to stand up, and the doctors classified me as suffering from severe malnutrition.

Fast forward to me becoming homeless at age 19, where getting food and eating the scraps of others once again became my norm. Suffice it to say, when it comes to food, I don’t just have issues – I have an entire subscription. Not only do I have “mindlessly clean your plate” messaging firmly ingrained but I also have “I have to eat a lot now because who knows when food will become scarce again” mentality coded into every cell.

Having someone say, “you don’t have to eat that” wasn’t a sentence my brain knew how to comprehend…so I kept gagging down the food.

My wife gently touched my arm and interrupted its trajectory toward my mouth. She looked into my eyes and said again, more firmly, “You don’t have to eat that.” I stopped with my mouth still full of putrid, disgusting food, my eyes wide as saucers, as if she had just informed me that the world was round after my entire life of thinking it was flat. I wasn’t entirely sure what she was saying. I was confused and unable to do anything but sit there with my mouth hanging open.

She then said, “You don’t ever have to eat anything you don’t want again. You can stop at any point. I don’t care who made it or even if I bought it and it was really expensive. You don’t have to eat it. And you will never be in trouble and, as long as I’m alive, you will never go hungry again. Ever. So if you don’t like it, stop. Put the fork down and let’s go some place that isn’t disgusting and I will buy you a whole new meal if you want one.” Tears started to stream down my face.

I realized that hidden within what she said were four words that changed my life, “You have my permission.”

As much as we like to talk about being empowered and claiming responsibility for our own lives, almost all of us are heavily influenced by the beliefs and opinions of others. I realized I had spent my whole life eating food I didn’t really even want because someone had told me I had to and I had never questioned, even as an adult, whether I had the power to simply stop doing it. I have taken charge and kicked ass in many areas of my life but we all have our areas of weakness and I will readily admit that was one of mine. It was something so ingrained that I didn’t ever even stop to think about whether I had another choice, so I kept going the way I always had.

I’ve started losing weight since then. My body is releasing it slowly and begrudgingly but it is finally coming off. My only change is that I now stop eating when I no longer feel like eating, and I don’t justify or apologize for doing so. I simply stop. What a gift that has been!

Thinking about this, I started to think about all the work with people I do around their fears and how they can step through them to build successful businesses and empowered lives. I realized that at least a part of what I do is give people permission to make a different choice than the one of staying stuck in fear. I also realized that’s what many people in the personal development realm do. People are rarely revealing to you anything that you didn’t already know within your core; they are simply giving you permission to step into something greater than what you’ve allowed for yourself prior to that moment.

So, right here, right now, I want to share with you the same gift my wife gave to me. Whatever that thing is that you’ve been doing that you don’t really even want to do but you don’t feel like you have any choice – whether it’s cleaning your plate, smoking another cigarette, stifling your voice, dimming your light, dishonoring your wishes, or anything else that doesn’t make your soul smile – STOP. Stop now. As simple as that. In fact, you don’t have to do that thing ever again, if you don’t want to.

You have my permission.
Photo credit: Thomas Leuthard / Foter / CC BY

I Dare You to Receive!


You ever do something and you know it has the potential to turn into a complete train wreck but you feel compelled to do it anyway? Yeah, that just happened.

It felt like I had no control over doing something that was even worse than that time I followed a complete stranger around Starbucks, thinking she was the person I was there to meet (but wasn’t). This time, my actions were deliberate and intentional and freakishly weird but, as bad as it seems, I would probably do the same if given another chance.

It all started with a Facebook post. I had become Facebook friends with Ann Marie Houtailing (http://www.annmariehoughtailing.com) and she posted:


I immediately commented, “How can I help you? (Yes, I’m serious)” She replied with something witty and I was clear that she had just “joked me off” and the appropriate response would have been to say something cute or witty in return and then move on with my life…except I couldn’t.

I couldn’t because, although neither of us knew it, I had reached my limit of seeing people who are major givers in the world but are unable to receive.

I imagine love as this energetic circuit that is trying to complete itself and far too often is unable to because we have a world full of givers and takers but very few receivers. We are taught that it is better to give than to receive and we run around with this mentality that the more we can give to the world, while receiving as little in possible in return, the better we are as individuals.

We hold these types of people up on pedestals and we tell each other that this is what we should all aspire to, but I personally don’t believe that’s the case.

I see a world of people that are killing themselves trying to get love, doing things that sacrifice their integrity or their well-being in order to be approved and loved when, really, there’s an overabundance of love that is just hanging out in the atmosphere with nowhere to go because we’ve all conditioned ourselves not to receive it.

So, I did what any nominally sane person would do given the same scenario. I waited a couple days and replied again…and then, a couple days after that, I sent a private message because I wanted her to be clear I wasn’t just trying to get public recognition. I simply wanted to help.

Yes, if you’re wondering, I had just become really creepy but I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. Luckily, to preserve her sanity and my arrest record, she wrote back and suggested we meet in person. We met and I told her the thought that was in my mind when I wrote my last message to her. It was, “I dare you to receive!”

Which, more fully, meant something like “I dare you to be a complete conduit of love, to buck the norm of what we are all taught, to have the courage to allow love to flow in all directions, to declare yourself worthy of the same level of love and care that you provide to everyone else, to be vulnerable and build deeper, truer connections with people as a result. I dare you to be a recipient of all the goodness that you put out into the world and not push it away or laugh it off”

It takes courage to receive; it’s not something for the faint of heart. Receiving lives way outside the comfort zone of many of us and it feels even more uncomfortable when the person wanting to give is a relative stranger, but that’s actually the point. Your ability to receive shouldn’t hinge on preconceived notions of who the giver should be. We all crave love and abundance and, yet, many of us have no idea how to let it in. Don’t you think it’s time we learned?

Take a quick look inside, Are you like Ann Marie? If so, I challenge you too!

I dare you to receive! What’re you gonna do about it?

P.S. Stay tuned to learn what she said when we met in person!

Embracing Wholeness


I am not a good person. A fiery well of rage lies deep within me for all of the injustices that have occurred in my one crazy, whirlwind of a life and I have acted inappropriately on that rage – more than once. And, yes, I have done things I am deeply ashamed of and have narrowly avoided prison – more than once.

I am also an award-winning embodiment of Unconditional Love. I spend every day inspiring others and helping people to shine their light. I have been told that when I walk into the room, the energy automatically shifts to love, simply by my presence.

Which version is the “real” me? They both are.

We spend so much time trying to fight our darkness but the truth is that we are all both shadows and light. I am learning the very difficult lesson that my dark side serves me in various ways and is a much needed component of my makeup. The more I resist it, the more of a disservice I do to myself.

Unfortunately, the world generally sees only one side or the other and judges us accordingly. We then feel compelled to uphold that image, rather than embracing the wholeness or duality of who we each are.

What would you do differently if you were allowed to be whole? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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That’s Not My God


So much from God
That I can no longer
A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim
A Buddhist, a Jew.

The Truth has shared so much of
With me
That I can no longer call myself
A man, a woman, and angel
Or even pure Soul.

Love has
Hafiz so completely
It has turned to ash
And freed
Of every concept and image
My mind has ever known.

– Hafiz, ancient Sufi poet

The first (and only) time I ever said no to my mother, it was about religion. I was 8 years old and she wanted me to get baptized. I refused. When she asked me why, I said, “because that’s not my God”.

What she heard was that I was a Satan-worshiper. That single statement sparked an 11 year battle to save my soul by beating the devil out of me – literally…but, that’s a different story.

What I meant was something altogether different. I didn’t know how or why but I held a belief, strong and unwavering within my soul, that God was simply about love. The God they taught me about in church was angry, judgmental, and, in my opinion, a bit insecure. That was not my God!

However, like many of us, over time I chose to put my own truth on a shelf and live in a manner that conformed to the beliefs and mindset of those around me. I became a “born-again” Christian and got baptized when I was 13. I was completely faithful and, had you asked me about my decision at age 8, I would have told you I had been a foolish child and I just didn’t understand things back then. I held fast to that stance for 6 more years.

…and then I died.

The experience that I remember from my death shattered the concepts of everything I was being taught by the world. During it, I was bathed in love and acceptance and I recognized the same energy that I had connected with as a child. I also reached the personal conclusion that there was no way to encompass THAT power in a particular dogma or religion so, when I returned to life, I instantaneously went from devout Christian to firm believer in the energy and power of love – and nothing else. The new rules that I followed shifted to simply living as love on a regular basis.

Let me tell you, it ain’t easy! We live in a world divided; one filled with hatred and fueled by fear. Standing firm in the space of love takes courage and fortitude. It takes busting through fear, pretty much constantly, in order to face the world as an authentic individual.

I don’t talk often about my spirituality or the place it holds within my business but I figured if I’m doing a blog challenge with a group called Spiritual Badass, I should at least touch upon the concept of spirituality.:-)

Does my spirituality influence my business? Of course it does!

I think that everyone is influenced by their spirituality, or even by the choice to not believe in anything. So, to me, it goes without saying that my business is influenced by my spirituality. If you ask me what I do, my response would start with something like, “I help entrepreneurs bust through the fears that are keeping them stuck.” but I could just as easily hint at the spiritual influence and say, “I help entrepreneurs live in a space of love.” Tomayto, tomahto.

How about you? Leave me a comment and tell me what influence your spirituality has had on your work. (Play nicely!)


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From Me to We

What if there were no such thing as competition? What would be possible in your relationships and business?! The possibilities truly are endless, only limited by your imagination. I know, I know, but there IS competition in your life right? We see it in celebrity and business magazines every day; “look like me in 4 weeks” or “how to crush the competition”. Well it really depends on your perspective. The way in which you view the world has an enormous impact on how you choose your path! If we choose to see others as competition that we have to be “better than”, “beat” or “crush”, we are focusing on the wrong outcome.

Why would I help my competition?!

There are two main reasons why helping your competition will get you what you want:

1.) You are a unique being with equally unique skills, talents and perspective. There is no one who can do what you do. Period. If someone else tries to copy what you do, they couldn’t, it’s impossible! YOU have a voice and vision that is unique to your being. People love you, because you’re YOU, they can’t get YOU anywhere else. And when you show up as your best, fully expressed self, they will be immediately attracted to you and whatever it is you have to offer!


2.) Synergy: the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. Alone we can only achieve so much, but together we are limitless! When we combine ourselves with people we once thought of as competitors we go from a fear based mindset, to one of abundance. This switch allows you to create in ways not possible before, and better serves your customers.

Learn from the best

Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey have combined together to bring meditation to millions of people all over the world. This wouldn’t have been possible if they had each gone at it alone. The synergy created by teaming up, combining their strengths and eliminating their weaknesses allowed them both to THRIVE. This is what I like to call the new economy. A three way win: for yourself, your “competition” and the people you serve!

People and companies serving others ahead of profits and fear of competition set the world up for a triple win, just the way we like it. Be a part of the transition from ME to WE!

You Don’t Need It!


Christine King died 22 days ago.

Chances are pretty high that you didn’t know her. She never wrote a book, gave a webinar, had a Facebook fan page, or went on a speaking tour. She was, however, a woman who followed her passion and impacted the world as a result. 

Six credits away from graduating with her Master’s degree, Chrsitine made a decision to follow her passion and switched her major from mathematics to childhood development. She then dedicated the rest of her life to taking care of children. By the time she passed, she had a hand in raising almost three generations of children – 5 biological, 4 legally adopted, dozens of unofficially adopted, a handful of grandchildren, a great grandchild, and over 20 foster kids. On top of all that, she ran a daycare from her home. If you were to ask her, she would never give a title when introducing a child. There were no foster kids or adopted kids in her viewpoint. We were all her children and she would introduce us as such (I know all of this because I am Christine’s daughter).

Her funeral was early afternoon, on a Thursday, the day after a snowstorm yet almost 200 people showed up. Almost every person that got up to speak, told the same story with different underlying details. They spoke of her as a ripple in the world. They talked about how she impacted their lives, gave them strong values, taught them love and acceptance, and turned them around from circumstances that could have ended up very differently. They also talked about how they are each making their own impact on the world in different ways due to that impact she made on them.

I was familiar with their story because it is also my own. I now get to impact the world because she impacted me and I was honored and awed to see such a clear example of the power of following your passion.

In working with people on discovering their passions I frequently see all of the excuses – yes, excuses – that people come up with for not following their passion. “I can’t make money at it”, “I need a degree or other specialized training”, “my family says it isn’t a good idea”, etc, etc. 

The real truth is, you don’t need it – whatever “it” is. That isn’t to say that if you really want to be a doctor you don’t need to go to medical school. It is saying you don’t need most of the things you think you need in order to at least start moving in the direction of your passion. You simply need the intention that you are going to be true to your calling – even if it scares you, even if other people say you’re crazy, even if it gets hard at times.

I’m glad I’ve written a book, given talks, won awards, and so on and I’m equally glad for the opportunity to see, through the example of Christine, that it can also be as simple as just DOING the thing you’re called to do in the world. It was a much needed reminder along my path of following my calling.

What is preventing you from following your calling?

Photo credit: Sergiu Bacioiu / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Living in the Miracle


I personally believe that miracles occur on a regular basis. It is simply a matter of being able to adjust your vision so that you can see them. We usually focus with ease on what’s wrong in the world and, sometimes, we stay so focused on those things that we miss the smaller miracles that occur all around us. Other times, the miracle is so obvious that even the negative gets blotted out – like what happened to me and my beloved this weekend.

We seem to have the type of life where things – even common place things like a casual bike ride – turn into what we’ve come to call “adventures”. Because we have grown accustomed to adventures, nothing really surprises us anymore. Every once in awhile, however, we are shocked by just how loved we are by the Universe and how, if angels earned a paycheck, ours would get double the average rate.

This weekend we decided to go camping in the desert. (Please don’t ask why; sometimes we just do stuff like that.) The first night was fairly uneventful, other than the confusion of putting together the rental tent and the annoyance of the people who arrived at 11:30pm and noisily put up four tents right beside us. The next morning, after a cozy camp-style breakfast, we decided to head into “town” to get ice and see what else was going on there. On the way, we saw a gorgeous, giant iron sculpture of a scorpion. In the midst of our awe we also saw that, as far out as we could view, there were other animal sculptures; so we gave up all plans of going into town and immediately started driving across the sand to see them.

I wasn’t far into the drive when I realized the sand was pretty soft and we were potentially headed for “an adventure”. Just as I was about to panic, I drove onto a patch that was harder and I relaxed a bit. I also figured out that, even in the softer sand, as long as we kept moving, it wasn’t a problem. Once I figured that out, we were able to get pretty far out into the sand. Then, it happened – I became awe struck by one of the sculptures, didn’t keep the car moving, and we got stuck.

We didn’t panic. We immediately started working toward a solution. We tried rocking the vehicle and we tried pushing. The front end of the car just went deeper into the sand. We grabbed some cardboard (that was conveniently already in my trunk) to put under the tires. As we were trying to tear apart the cardboard box, we look up to see that, out of nowhere, a tow truck had appeared. Yes, a tow truck just “showed up” in the middle of the Anza-Borrego desert and offered to help us out.

But, wait, it gets even better than that! Not only did a tow truck appear, in the middle of the desert, but it was a AAA truck (and we have AAA) so we didn’t have to pay anything. On top of that, the driver flat-out refused to take a tip we tried more than once to give to him.

I looked at my partner with a big smile on my face, as the tow truck was driving away, and said, “You know, don’t you, that the next time we are wondering if something is going to work out, I’m going to mention that a tow truck showed up, out of thin air, in the middle of the desert?” “Yes, honey”, she nodded, “I know.”

What miracles are happening in your life?


Photo credit: Bill Gracey / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Loving Boston


This post will anger some people. They will tell me to go back to my New Age love-nest and burn incense while singing Kum-bay-ah. They will say this because:

1. They know absolutely nothing at all about who I am

2. We have created a culture where love and compassion is viewed as weakness so the very act of me proposing something such as that is threatening to them.

I’d like to propose it is time for a shift.

In the midst of an otherwise stellar day, I saw the news of the Boston marathon explosions. My heart cried, “Not again! Why?!?”

And then, I remembered. In my mind, I went back to the day we received news of Osama Bin Laden’s murder. On the news it was being happily reported that there were people dancing in the streets, joyous about his demise. Being an advocate of Love in this world I was deeply saddened; not as much by his killing as by our reaction. People don’t seem to get that what we put out into the world is what we get back. Garbage in, garbage out. We put “hate and anger and dancing in the streets because someone was killed” in, we get “hate and anger and more killing” out.

I almost gave up on my soul purpose of bringing more love into the world, that day. I stood in my kitchen and cried and said, “I am wasting my time. People are never going to get it!” Luckily I had a brilliant coach who helped me to see that it isn’t my job to make you “get it”. I’m simply here to show the way, should you choose to walk a different path. So here it is:

You can’t put out a continual energy of anger and separation and then act appalled when somebody does something that is aligned with that energy!

Yes, it is easy – very, VERY easy – to be angry toward someone who does something horrific, such as flying a plane into the World Trade Center, shooting innocent children at Sandy Hook, or planting bombs on the site of the Boston marathon. It is easy to call them names, curse them, call them stupid, loathe their very being, and want them to be punished. My question is, “And then what?” Once you have finished hating and cursing, then what? What difference have you made in the world by doing so, other than adding more negative energy into the atmosphere?

If history repeats itself – as it usually does until a shift occurs – most of us will finish spouting off and then, when things calm down, we’ll go back to exactly the way things were. We will continue our path of separation, of valuing a piece of green paper more than the life of another, of only being able to see what is wrong in the world and the people around us instead of the beauty that is in our face every day – begging to be noticed, of finding differences and using them as reasons to break each other down rather than finding all the things we have in common and using that to build each other up.

As Albert Einstein once said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” This means you can’t hate your way into world peace. You can’t stop the senseless murders by shaking your head and muttering, “What the hell is wrong with these people?!?” and then walking away. You can’t stop the rampant negative energy in our world by fighting against…ANYTHING.

So when you stop to send prayers and love to the folks in Boston today, don’t forget to include the bombers. No, this isn’t about condoning their actions. It is about shifting out of the energy of anger and negativity, it is about changing our culture to one that sees the cry of the damaged, rather than damaging them more by piling our loathing onto them, it is about shifting the thinking that created the world we live in.

It is time for a reality that doesn’t include people bombing and shooting each other en masse on a regular basis. That can only occur by each of us, individually, deciding that our thinking, actions, and energy must change.

What would you propose we do to shift the world?

Photo credit: JamesieAB / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND